The Stanton Family lives in Huntercombe at the vicarage.

The name most likely derives from the Stanton-Drew Stone Circles, with characters in Over Sea, Under Stone also being named Drew. Second in size only to Stonehenge, the megalithic stones are outside the village of Stanton Drew in Bristol, in between Cornwall and Wales. The road mentioned most in The Dark is Rising is Huntercombe Lane, which crosses Bath Road, a winding road that crosses England from Slough to Bath, which is just east of Stanton Drew.

Known Members of the Stanton Family in the books

  • Roger Stanton - Will's father. Jeweller, 7th son of 12 children
  • Alice Stanton - Mother, comes from a farming family
  • Tom Stanton (Deceased) - The first-born child (Will's twin in the film), Tom died three days after his birth of a lung-disease. Will's parents do not often speak about him, so the younger members of the Stanton family learn about him for the first time on the Christmas eve shortly after Will's 11th birthday due to Will's discovery of an old box of carved Christmas decorations.
  • Stephen Stanton - Oldest living child of 9, 2nd son. Travels a lot as a sailor.
  • Max Stanton - The second-oldest son, he is an artist who attends a London art school, has long dark hair, and is a bit of a ladies' man.
  • Gwen Stanton - oldest daughter
  • Barbara Stanton - second daughter, 16 at start of story
  • Paul Stanton - Robin's twin and therefore the 4th or 5th son. He is the quiet twin, the family genius, and an extremely talented and dedicated flautist. He attends the Royal Academy of Music and plays with the National Youth Orchestra. He wears dark-rimmed spectacles.
  • Robin Stanton - Twin, 4th/5th son, football athlete
  • Mary Stanton - youngest daughter, 3rd youngest child, 14 at start of The Dark is Rising

Extended Family

  • David Evans - Alice Stanton's cousin-in-law and Jen Evans' husband. A Welsh farmer who owns Clwyd Farm in Bryn-Crug, Wales, where Will goes to convalesce in The Grey King.
  • Jen Evans - Referred to as "Aunt Jen" by Will, she is actually Alice Stanton's cousin. Originally from Buckinghamshire, she fell in love with husband David while on holiday in Wales. Described as having a "small, cosily plump form and bright dark eyes" (GK).
  • Rhys Evans - One of the Evans' two adult children

Known Members of the Stanton Family in the film