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Silver on the Tree, US Cover

Year Published: 1977
Illustrator: Michael Heslop
US Cover Artist: ?
UK Cover Artist: Michael Heslop
Page Count: 269
ISBN: ISBN 0701122307

Silver on the Tree, 1st Uk ed. dw by Michael Heslop


Will Stanton, Merriman Lyon, Bran, and the Drew children join together to battle against the Dark.

All of the main characters from the other books in the sequence come together in this book, some meeting each other for the first time, and the current struggle between the Light and the Dark is resolved.

At the first time, Will and Bran go to the Lost Land, but the Drew brothers and Merriman can't go with them because the Dark keep them. Will and Bran, with the help of Gwion, a minstrel, go to the king of the Lost Land, Gwyddno, and, when Bran says the word that was written on the Sword, the king takes them to the Thing of Power. So, they return to Earth, in a train, with the main characters and a Lord of the Dark (The White Rider), that Merriman, Bran and Will cast out of time.

Finally, they go to the Midsummer tree, that permitted the possessor to control the forces of High Magic, Wild Magic and the Old Magic and use its power to cast the Dark out of time forever. All immortal characters save Will Stanton leave the Earth forever. All the mortal characters lose all memory of any dealings with magic and the Old Ones. The Drews and Bran have snatches of something come back to them in dreams, though...