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Gender: Male
Place of Origin:
Affiliation: [[]]
Appears in Silver on the Tree

Gwion is a friend of Merriman who lives in The Lost Land, located out of time. He helps Will and Bran by going against the rule of High Magic. One of the other names of this character is Taliesin. He is a minstrel of Gwyddno Garanhir, the king of the Lost Land. He brings Will and Bran to the king, and he helps them to escape from the Lost Land.

He is described as being a smallish man, not much taller than Will and Bran, with a strong-featured face creased by humour at the eyes and the mouth. The hair of his head is grey, tight-curled as a mat, and he has a neat, crisp curling grey beard with a curious dark line down the centre like a stripe. He is a lean, neat figure in black clothes.