Bill Stanton

Place of Origin:England
Appears in Greenwitch

Bill Stanton is Roger Stanton's older brother. He is the sixth son in the older generation of the Stanton Family. Will Stanton was named after him.

He left England 20 years before the start of Greenwitch, and makes his second trip home during that story. His first return had been soon after Will's birth, 10 years before. Bill's contact has been minimal, only sending Will a present every Christmas, not responding to thank you letters, and sending Roger a total of 3 letters.

He lives in America with his wife Fran, they live state of Ohio implies they live there. They run a successful pottery/china business, and make international arrangements in Staffordshire and Cornwall during the course of their visit in Greenwitch.

At some point about 2 years before Greenwitch, Bill makes the acquaintance of Merriman Lyon, whom he refers to as a friend and calls "Merry". Bill and Merriman met in Jamaica, and Merriman later(in the fall) spent a few days with them at home. Bill rents the house in Trewissick in which Will and the Drew family stay during the events of Greenwitch.